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Marketing to consumers can be a very … job. They use the tool of market segmentation to help them advertise more effectively. One part of the market segmentation is the demographics of a consumer.
Marketers group consumers by gender. They make a product and will sometimes say that it is meant for a certain gender. They do this because they know that if they market makeup to males, then that will have a negative effect on their sales.
One example of gender marketing is the toy aisle in Super stores such as Walmart or Target. In the girl aisles, the walls and shelves are usually a bright pink color. On the shelves, there are many Barbie types of dolls that represented beauty and princesses. (Sweet, 2012) In the boys section there are action figures and Nerf guns with pictures of boys one the boxes of the merchandise. The marketing management does this to make the consumer, whether a boy or girl, would know what aisle the toys they like would be on also what toys they might be interested in.
There is some controversy on whether marketers should use gender as a segment. People who are trying to make the world more gender equality friendly have a problem with this. They think that the products companies make for consumers influences one how the genders are supposed to be. Sweet has mention this in her article about toys, that marketing them to different genders is about the same as marketing them to different people by their race. (Sweet, 2012)
Marketing to
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