Marketing Analysis : Marketing Mix Essay

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The definition of ‘marketing’ is widely debated among numerous professionals within the industry, The Chartered Institute of Marketing defines the concept as ‘the management process responsible for anticipating and satisfying customer requirements profitably’ whereas Kotler and Armstrong define marketing more simply as ‘managing profitable customer relationships’. Fullerton and Mers go into more depth and consider how the idea of marketing is presented when in the context of the sporting industry, they believe ‘sports marketing consists of all activities designed to meet the needs and wants of sports consumers through exchange processes’.
There are various formats of the marketing mix in circulation, it is essentially a set of considerations taken into account by business orientated organisations, including professional sports clubs, so that they can operate at optimum efficiency whilst attempting to achieve their particular market objective(s). The extended version of the marketing mix consists of; Product, Place, Price, Promotion, People, Process and Physical Evidence. It is called the Marketing Mix because each element will be used in different combinations depending upon the needs and characteristics of a particular market. External economic influences, changes in consumer behaviour and emerging technologies will cause the mix to be adapted in response to change.
The ‘Product’ aspect refers to the actual good presented to the consumer, whether that be tangible or

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