Marketing Analysis : Marketing, Promotion, Distribution, And Distribution Of Opinions And Services

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Marketing is the practice of the planning and performing the conception pricing, promotion and distribution of opinions and goods and services to generate trade that please the individual and organisational objective (American marketing association). The main objective of the marketing is to recognising and meeting social and human needs. Where the marketing is centred at the need and want of the consumers, where the industry should determine the design of the product and services.

Market segmentation Market segmentation is process of dividing market into the groups and small segments. In order to obtain the market by any organisation for their goods and services, it needs to concentrate on various marketing segmentation, where each of the components should represent the consumer groups where they share same set of values and needs. As the market segmentation is define as the actual process total market into small segments, in order to deliver the value and product efficiency. With he help of segmentation of the market it will offers and improve the services, feature and price. That will result in the programme efficiently.

According to the kotler (kolter,2009) there are many key elements to be considered into account to segment the consumer market they are demographic, geographic, psychographic and behavioural market segmentation. Where the business market needs to consider variables such as demographic, operating, purchasing approaches, situational and
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