Marketing Analysis : Marketing Strategies

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There are many businesses that use various techniques to sell their product or service. Marketing Strategies is a process of using the marketing mix which consists of place, product, price and promotion to satisfy and attract consumers to make a profit for the organisations.
Place: The location of the business/market where the main transactions are implemented
Price: The amount a consumer is willing and able to give for a product/service or good
Product: Anything that can be offered within a business to meet customer needs and wants
Promotion: The publishing of a product service or organisation to increase sales or increase public awareness
Marketing Techniques are the different types of strategies combined together and designed to meet
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Market Penetration: A group of customers who may purchase a product.
Market Development: When a company markets an existing product o a new market.
Product Development: Where a business develops a new product to sell to an existing customer.
Diversification: Where a business markets new products to sell to new customers.
JD is a British national business that is involved with international marketing sale for many different products including footwear, equipment, accessorise and much more. JD uses different types of strategies to get their products and their services sold. JD’s target market is for those who are sporty or those who are interested in the fashion industry.
Aims and Objectives:
• Increase Customer Base
• Increase Market Share
• To be the UK’s leading high street retail store for sports and leisure
Branding is the process involved in creating a unique name and image for a product in the consumer’s mind through advertising campaigns with a consistent theme. A brand normally consists of a name, term, sign, symbol or any other features that identifies one seller’s products/services as diverse from those of other sellers. JD trademarks and patents all their products so that no one marks or takes their ideas and their brands. A brand can be a powerful selling tool and can help achieve marketing aims and objectives such as gaining marketing leaderships and raising customer awareness. Branding is important and essential to JD as it is
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