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Marketing Strategy Research Paper Naugie Pratt Strayer University MKT- Marketing Management February 28, 2016 Marketing Strategy Research Paper Summary After careful review of the multinational companies that are out there today, I decided to go with HTC. As many of us know HTC is well known for their carefully crafted mobile products. HTC is mainly known for the cell phones to many but let’s take a look at things in reference to tablets, televisions and computers. As the new market manager for the company I would like to introduce the HTC M10 notebook. This notebook will include the finest Intel PC processor, a sound system constructed by Dr. Dre “Beats”, this notebook will be the ideal candidate for music and movie producers, to also include artists and tech guru’s that get’s a thrill on this type of technology. With the Intel PC processor, this will make this notebook the fastest to date and its first with eight cores, this core i7-5960X Extreme edition chip is aimed at gaming and high performance capabilities. Many know the classic notebook the one with the fold out keyboard, this HTC M10 notebook will have a push button that will allow the keyboard to eject from the monitor of the notebook, which in turn leaves the room to turn your notebook into a table at a push of finger. With the 13” screen size, and the thin monitor design of the notebook this is the ideal on the go item for many of us that do a lot on the run. Key Approaches to Incorporate Branding and
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