Marketing Analysis : Marketing Strategy

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Marketing is shifting from mass communication to individual, one to one interaction with the integration of various digital technologies like SMAC. Also the marketing strategy is shifting from product push to customer pull strategy. Digital marketing is picking up fast and intense market research is being resorted to by companies on their products to understand customers’ preferences and sentiments before targeting/positioning their products and services. Companies have started having their webpage in various social media platforms and are advertising via social media to reach a wider segment of customers. Content management has become a crucial aspect in social media marketing as it is the content which delivers the right message to the…show more content…
So they had to introduce thicker cornflakes in India
• Cadburry Diary Milk was targeting only youth earlier. But when they positioned their product as a family product by engaging the popular Amitabh Bachchan in their advertisements, sales increased by more than 5%
• Chick shampoo of Cavincare targeted rural market by introducing sachets black in colour, having less quantity of shampoo to meet and satisfy and suite rural people’s sentiments and requirements
• Apple pricing strategy is skimming followed by penentration. They initially price their products high to target the set of customers who are willing to pay high and get the gadget at the earliest. The moment a new version is released, the previous version of the product cost is reduced to target customers who are interested in purchasing their product at a lower price.
• News feed in social media is so designed such that customers get news feed on the products and services based
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