Marketing Analysis : Marketing Strategy Essay

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MARKETING STRATEGY Without emphasize the price and product strategies previously discussed, a brief analysis of the marketing mix underlines some other specific traits of the company. An interesting aspect is represented by promotion. In the solar Industry a great part of the promotion effort lies in the downstream, and this is where SolarCity put a greater effort: on the 2,510 employees (2012), 661 work in sales and marketing and 248 work in customer care (SolarCity, “SolarCity annual report 2013”, SolarCity, 2013). SolarCity promotion relies mainly on a well-trained direct sales force used for what the founder calls in-house sales. The direct-sale force is backed up by a call center and a cross-promotion channel partner such as Home Depot (home improvement supplies superstore) and customer referrals. It is also true that not all of the promotion effort lies on the downstream of the industry. Customer sensitization, especially in a young industry such as the solar one, is a shared need and in addition seen the involvement of government in the industry join effort may become a necessity. To fight the opposition on the “Net metering” and the planned decrease in governmental subsidies many solar companies formed trade associations for lobbying purposes and industry-wide advocacy groups. In addition all companies in the industry are active supporter of various “green initiatives” aimed at the sensitization of potential customer toward a “sustainable lifestyle”. Solarcity also
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