Marketing Analysis : Marketing Strategy

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In this chapter, we figured out the research framework firstly, and then described how the research design will be done in detail. But the result will be described and analyzed in chapter 4,5,6,7. The critical part of marketing research is to anticipate the response of customer for marketing activities. However, Most of data is hard to obtain or the validity is doubtful. And the market environment is dynamic and complex. Marketing Strategy is not only a science, but an art. So, determining the marketing strategy need not only field data but also experience and intuition. In order to enhance the validity, several methods were used to establish the marketing strategy. Firstly, the market segmentation, targeting and competitors and industry were analysis for determining marketing strategy. Then the field works are divided into 2 parts. One is the survey for market feasibility. The questionnaires are designed very simple, so the result is validated because the interviewer can answers these questions easily. The other part of field work is to do in-depth interview for key customers. At last, the market strategy of Pepsi and Heinz are used for case study to supply some insights. Figure 3-1 describes the general research framework of this project. Marketing Strategy: < Marketing mix 4Ps> Qualitative and Quantitative Analysis Industry analysis- Segmentation and targeting Market Feasibility Design Customer sensitivity Design Case study Design Environments scanning;
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