Marketing Analysis : Marketing Strategy

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Marketing has been around since the beginning of time. When the Neanderthals figured out what fire was, it took some convincing to make others realize that it was good. They were afraid of it to begin with but when one person used it to cook its food, they started to understand that it was a good thing. Marketing was born. In the 1950s, the marketing strategy was based on the 4Ps (Product, Promotion, Place, and Price) or what was known as the “Marketing Mix” (Tanner, Jr & Raymond, 2012, pg. 5). They created the offer of goods and services and then communicated that offer to the public. Making sure that the product or service was delivered to the customer, whether in a store or directly to their door was important. However, the most important aspect was making sure the price was just right to make it sellable for the exchange. Even though, there is evidence that the marketing mix is extremely limited, it is still the backbone of marketing (Constantinides, 2006, pg. 408). The marketing mix strategy is still in place but these days there is something more that needs to be added. Marketing activity should be based not only on tangible strategies but intangible ones as well (Brooks & Simkin, 2012, Pg. 494). The Marketing Concept and Marketing Orientation principles are that marketing activities should be based upon identifying customer needs and wants (Constantinides, 2006, pg 411). Value is what the marketing strategies strive for in today’s society. Value is the
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