Marketing Analysis : Maybelline 's Ad

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The first fashion ad I selected is from the Cosmopolitan June 2015 magazine. Maybelline is advertising their lipstick in different shades of pink. This ad covers two full magazine pages, displaying a model on one page and the product on the other. I enjoy how the ad displays the model most because without looking at the next page, which has the product on it, I can automatically know Maybelline is advertising lipstick. The lipstick is so strong and bold and having subtle eye makeup on the model helps the viewer focus on the product. In addition, on the following page all the writing is clear to read and the lipstick shades are respectably spaced out. The second ad regarding fashion came from the Cosmopolitan March 2015 magazine. Covergirl’s ad was very similar to Maybelline’s ad. However, Covergirl squeezed everything into one magazine page. Covergirl has an ice-cream cone on the left side, a portion of the models face in the middle and finally has their different shades of pink compacted into a vertical column on the right hand side. Personally I dislike this ad because it is too cluttered for one advertisement. In addition, despite my favorite color is pink there is an overwhelming feeling because majority of this advertisement is pink. The first non-fashion ad is of an alcoholic beverage from Cosmopolitan July 2015. The ad is displaying the new Bud Light Lime Lemon-ade-rita with a summer atmosphere. I enjoy this ad because the alcoholic beverage is placed on a beach
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