Marketing Analysis : Mcdonald 's Logo

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Introduction McDonald’s logo was initiated in the 1950s and has been changing until its newest version today. The objective of changing the logo is to enhance customer understanding of the meanings that accompany the logo (Rossolatos, 2013). The logo is based on Peircean semiotics for 1958[18931] which is a three-part model of signification. The three parts includes representamen (sign), the object (referent- what the sign refers to) and the interpretant (effect on the viewer). The conclusion is the purpose of McDonald as communicated by the logo has taken a long time to build (Danesi, 2004). The message of a logo indicates the commitment of the organization to the expectations of the consumers (Cobley, 2001). Arguments have been raised that consumers responds to an effective logo and changes the manner which they consume the products of the company. The fact of the matter is that corporate logo represents a means of building trust with the customers (Oswald, 2012).
Peircean Semiotic Analysis of the McDonald’s Logo
The McDonald’s logo is based on long history and the remarkable “golden arches” as well as its ability to withstand controversy in the branding efforts. The logo itself was based on the fact the company had to consider corporate world and economy in a constant flux. Even with the strong logo, McDonald’s is faced with some many critics especially in the U.S. who associate the company with cheap and unhealthy fast food. However, McDonald’s has transformed its logo
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