Marketing Analysis : Mcdonald 's Marketing Strategy

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Table of Contents

Abstract 1
1.Industry overview 2
2.Brand overview 3
3.Literature review of brand design 4
4.New market perceptions of the brand 5
5.Global marketing strategy 6
5.1 Pricing 6
5.2 Political relationship 7
5.3 Other aspects 7
6.Branding and advertising issues pertaining to cultural and visual aspects 8
7. Performance in the new market 9
8. Conclusion & Recommendation 10
References 14

Ross (2011) pointed out that Marketing is a widely used business means of communication between the company and the consumer audience. Marketing is the adaptation of the commercial activities and utilization of institutions by the organizations with the aim to induce behavioral shift on a short-term or permanent basis. In this essay, the popular and famous brand, McDonald 's to analyst the marketing strategy in his international business, which will include how this corporations overcome the political, cultural and economics problem in the overseas market (Ross, 2011).

The structure of the essay is as follows: Firstly, the industry overview will be presented to describe the fast food industry development situation. Secondly, brand overview will be presented to introduce the background of the selected brand. In the next step, it will show how the brand design change over the years because the brand design it is highly relevant to the marketing behaviour. And it will compare the different perceptions in domestic and overseas market. After the analysis of the

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