Marketing Analysis : Mgm Resorts International

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MGM Resorts International
Denise Watson
Professor Framan
July 21, 2015

Target Market
Geographical Segmentation
MGM serves both local and international customers for their range of businesses. The company targets nearby, destination and convenience customers by operating in strategic locations and states
Demographic markets
Previously, casinos were known to serve the older generation as their target market. However, the resort style amenities of MGM appeals to the younger generations. The entertainment segment also attracts the younger generation with resort-style complexes, gourmet restaurants, and trendy nightclubs. MGM appeals to both older and young customers.
Behavioral segmentation
The MGM attracts five types of customers; recognition seekers, escapist, reward seekers, socializers, and professionals. Escapist seek a getaway to entertainment sections and resorts located in different areas. The reward seekers are driven to visit the business due to their vested interest in rewards that casinos tend to offer. Socializers require a form of engagement where they get to meet different people as a form of distraction out of the ordinary way of life. Professionals make a living out of casinos and pay close attention to what a casino offers.
The casino marketing is directed to individuals who want to have fun and those who are willing to risk their mortgages (Klebanow, 2009)
Importance of identifying target markets to MGM Resorts International.

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