Marketing Analysis : Monster Beverage Corporation

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Introduction Managerial accounting is an intricate profession that implements accounting information provisions to obtain company objectives. Managerial accounting is an important role because it is a cornerstone position that interacts with an array of levels within a company’s organization. Obtaining information and reporting to upper level management requires a strong knowledge of company and management goals in order to produce such expectations. There are differences based upon the side of a business sector (e.g. service, merchandising or manufacturing); however, managerial accounting roles are consistent with exceptions to the industry’s specifications. A manufacturing company, Monster Beverage Corporation, use specific managerial accounting procedures in order to produce and sell its products for profit maximization, including the implementation of specific value chain activities to obtain company objectives and strategic planning to manage costs. Analysis Monster Beverage Corporation is a beverage company that produces various energy drinks based out of Corona California. The value chain business activities that Monster Beverage Corporation would pass through from its inception to its ultimate delivery to the customer are research and development, design, production, marketing, distribution and customer service. Monster Beverage Corporation’s research and development is based on creating or modifying its energy drinks. Research and development is an integral
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