Marketing Analysis : Nerium International

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Nerium International is a relationship marketing company that focuses on selling an innovative anti-aging product. Relationship management is also known as multi-level management, the structural dimension of this company is complexity, it contains many levels, many divisions and it is geographically dispersed. The company, founded by Jeff Olsen, launched its scientifically backed anti-aging night cream within the United States back in 2011. The companies one product made a big hit in the market by making $100 million in the first year and quickly began the journey to continued record breaking sales.
Nerium is not just a company that drives for sales, they also place value in helping individuals create wealth through self-employment. Relationship marketing is the process of gathering clientele through reaching out to a personal social circle of people in need a great product. Through this commonality of need social circles grow and more relationships are formed. Nerium has placed strong value on changing lives through relationship marketing and they do this by, providing training on the company’s organizational behavior, using levels of diversity to relate to clients and how stimulating innovation and change will push the company to the next level.
Being able to create continuous movement and success in multi-level marketing can be a challenge if the company does not innovate and change. Nerium mission is to develop products and opportunities that gifts the power to project…
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