Marketing Analysis : Nerium International

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Nerium International is a relationship marketing company that focuses on selling an innovative anti-aging product. Relationship management is also known as multi-level management, the structural dimension of this company is complexity, it contains many levels, many divisions and it is geographically dispersed. The company, founded by Jeff Olsen, launched its scientifically backed anti-aging night cream within the United States back in 2011. The companies one product made a big hit in the market by making $100 million in the first year and quickly began the journey to continued record breaking sales. Nerium is not just a company that drives for sales, they also place value in helping individuals create wealth through self-employment.…show more content…
Whatever age, background or lifestyle, Nerium gives the license to love one’s skin like never before.” (, 2016) In order to keep up with a constantly changing industry Nerium has spent time developing its revolutionary age-defying formula, that has been independently tested time and time aging to diminish fine lines and wrinkles on the skin. In the five years of Nerium existence, change has been a strong factor for propelling the company forward. The $100 million that was made in the first year set the bar on how well a great product could do. The company set its set its efforts on adding a few more products to the market to helped give the company a competitive edge. The product line now consists of the age defying night and day cream, a firming body contour cream lotion and an age-defying herbal supplement that stimulates better cognitive mental function. The rapid growth and demand of these products has brought expansion into new territories of the country. Canada and Korea and Mexico have been exposed to the Nerium opportunity and has created an explosion of success among the copays independent sales marketers (brad partners). Nerium has developed an organizational behavior that caters to the idea of making a living and having fun with it. The organizational behavior derives Nerium focus is one built on motivating its brand partners to excel and become great leaders in the company. This is represented in
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