Marketing Analysis : Nike 's Brand

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Just do it! Most people know this slogan is a trademark of Nike’s shoe company and one of the core components of Nike’s brand. Brand equity represents the sport consumer’s associations (both positive and negative) with a sports team’s name, logos, and images (Gladden & Wong, 1997). Essentially, there are four main pillars to brand equity. First, perceived quality is consumer’s judgments of an item’s excellence in respect to its intended purpose. In the case of sport, this alludes to the sport consumer’s perception of the quality of a team relative to its competition. An example of the competition would include other teams in the conference/league. Second, brand awareness is the way a consumer will recall a brand and its name. A
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Lets us examine couple way that show the power of the RedBull’s brand. The extent of Red Bull activities is humongous. It gets included in a wide blend of games and sports, for example wakeboarding and motorcycle racing. Many Red Bull music events, sponsoring athletes, for instance motocross racer Ashley Fiolek. In addition, teams for example such as the New York Red Bulls soccer group and a whole lot more. The Red Bull website has entertainment features like the Red Bull Soapbox Racer video game, week after week rock music announcements on the Rock Report, in addition to a section on TV shows and movies. The rundown of their entertainment highlights continues forever and is caught on their Facebook Page, which has more than 37 million followers (Prophet, 2016). With well more than 100 potential points of contact, Red Bull will connect will connect with their market in various ways very easily (Prophet, 2016). What 's more, more critically, Red Bull turns into a major part of their client 's lives. Red Bull trusts in owning groups and events with the goal that they have control over the content and the cost. They have two expert soccer groups, two Formula One car racing team, the Red Bull Cliff Diving World Series and significantly more. Notwithstanding when Red Bull backs a athlete, they get involved; it is not
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