Marketing Analysis : Nike's ' The Modern Girl Of Sport And Fitness '

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Coined the “Modern Girl of Sport and Fitness,” one of Nike’s increasingly profitable and rapidly growing consumer markets is young adult females who wish to be comfortable and fashionable at both the gym and in their daily lives. This consumer base has also been characterized by the term “athleisure” – a combination of an athletic look with a comfortable and fashionable feel. This market continues to grow, with approximately “46 percent of women between the ages of 19 and 34” becoming more interested in Athleisure wear (Business Insider, 2015). Nike has implemented a vast array of strategies in an effort to successfully appeal to and reach this target market, including live fitness programming across the world, retail spaces with fitness studios, female-specific marketing campaigns, and activations on college campuses throughout the country.

Strategic Analysis
Nike has launched several campaigns targeting the female consumer market. These efforts include Nike’s “Run. Train. Live” campaign, launched in 2013 to show women Nike’s ability to satisfy both their fitness and lifestyle needs. This campaign introduced unique patterns, fabrics, and colors to Nike’s arsenal. Nike established their Women’s Half Marathon series in 2004, and the Nike Women’s Half Marathon 2014 in San Francisco drew runners from “54 countries and 50 U.S. states” (Nike News, 2014). Nike has recently brought their Nike+ Training Club (N+TC) classes to life across the globe. Nike’s 2015 N+TC…

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