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Ocado, as the world’s largest dedicated online grocery retailer and has been voted as the best online supermarket in the UK since its foundation in early 2000 by Tim Steiner, Jason Gissing and Jonathan Fairman. (Which?, 2014) With rapid expansion of the business, it develops and operates a unique business model which only focuses on customers’ online shopping and emphasises the partnership with Waitrose. There are a range of products offered in Ocado, not only for its own brand groceries from the Waitrose supermarket chain but also there has a selection of name brand groceries and other items, such as flowers, toys and magazines, a range of Carrefour 's products are sold via Ocado website as well. Ocado is aiming at improving the customers’ shopping experience and changing the way people shop for groceries. Aligning the interests of customers, investors and stakeholders to deliver a long term shareholder value, that is the strategic objective of Ocado Group plc. (Ocado, 2014) This report will undertake a detailed analysis using financial ratios from an evaluation of its profitability, financial position and cash flow to formulate an overall view of the company’s financial performance and position from its financial statements. 2013 2012 Gross profit margin (GPM) 31.2% 30.5% Operating profit margin (OPM) -0.3% 0.4% Pre-tax profit margin (PreTPM) -1.58% -0.09% Post-tax profit margin (PostTPM) -1.6% -3.5% Return on capital employed (ROCE) -1.4% 1.5% Return on equity (ROE)

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