Marketing Analysis Of, An E Tailer Giant

1182 Words5 Pages is an e-tailer giant whose unique approach to commerce makes it one of the most profitable companies today. Their business is consistently increasing so it is not unusual for them to add thousands of new positions on their books.’s distinctive company motto of “Work hard, have fun, make history” (, 2015) demands a certain type of employee whose attitude aligns with’s organizational culture. While the need to increase the workforce is great, does not compromise on the talent they are willing accept within the company. One of the most critical positions has open is Customer Service Manager and they currently need to hire sixty to help manage the 2000 customer service team members. Customer Service Managers are at the forefront of every customer’s experience with the e-tailer. Just as’s leadership follows a smart business model, it must also develop and utilize a Recruiting and Staffing strategy to ensure they attract and retain quality Customer Service Managers. prides itself on exceptional customer service so it is extremely crucial to hire the right person who not only has the desired expertise but who also shares the company’s values. According to Amazon.con (2003) “We believe that our ability to establish and maintain long-term relationships with customers and to encourage repeat visits and purchases depends on the strength of customer service operations” (as cited in Keblis &

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