Marketing Analysis Of Haigh ' S Chocolate

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MARKETING ANALYSIS OF HAIGH’S CHOCOLATE Executive Summary The marketing strategy of Haigh’s chocolate has been identified through detailed analysis of the external and the internal environment of the present market conditions and development of the Haigh’s. There has been complete detailed SWOT analysis of the company on the basis of research conducted from several secondary sources. It has been conducted in order to determine the important strategies and the key strengths of the company. Talking about the chocolate sector which has been further segmented into several categories in which Haigh holds the important position and have captures the major chunk of the market. Such markets range from chocolate blocks, bars and other diet varieties like gluten and eggless products. The demand in the chocolate market is also divided on the basis of the geographic location markets like that in Sydney, Melbourne and Adelaide chocolate markets. Other factors affecting demand in the market includes demographic, behavioural and psychographic segmentation. Moreover, other market targeted by the company are those premium markets where there is high disposable income having high income level and would like to demand best quality products for self-consumption or for gift purposes. Haigh’s Chocolates represent their luxury brand by offering a premium product at store locations in heritage listed or architecturally significant buildings in CBDs which are having good quality interiors and
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