Marketing Analysis : Pegasus Sports International

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1. Executive Overview This plan outlines communication methods that will be utilized to bring awareness and growth to Pegasus International. Pegasus Sports International is an all-encompassing skating gear manufacturer with intentions of conducting SkateTours in an attempt to take skaters outside and develop their talents. The main goal when it comes to Pegasus Sports International is to develop market share in the young people market between the ages of 14 to 35. Since skating is currently a thriving sport, with this objective in mind, our company has made the decision of utilizing musical talent as well as sports talent to make sure that multiple skating tastes and preferences are targeted and represented. The ideal skating population, which Pegasus Sports International anticipates to catch the attention of, is the well-educated, young, and sporty individuals with a dynamic sense for skating sport. Using a well-organized and Integrated Marketing & Communications (IMC) plan that is based its stakeholders; Pegasus Sports International is capable of building a brand that stretches across all races and around the young, urban individuals. The company is also aimed at building its client base through participating in major advertisement campaigns that are already in use, thereby saving income and reaching individual fans who can skate on Pegasus Sports International products. As a company, we appreciate skating talent, cherish high-quality customer service, worker benefits,
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