Marketing Analysis : Petro Oil Company

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Petro Oil Company is known as a reliable oil provider for consumers that is delivered in a timely manner. However, before any products or services are produced products have to meet the requirements of the company objectives which include satisfying the external economic environment. Petro Inc. deliverables are a major source for countless customers and suppliers. Petro Inc. is a powerful heating and air conditioning company that has been in existence since 1903. The company has built its reputation on the invention of the oil burner in California, along with the conversion from coal burning systems to oil burning systems. Petro oil was named Fess System Company and offers many customers/consumers a wide verity of services. For example, plumbing, chimney cleaning, appliance installation etc. Nevertheless, during the 1950’s to 1960’s the company had some difficulties that lead to the sale of some divisions. Then Petro Oil Company merged with its sister company Star Gas with a limited partnership in 1999. Now, as a strong and growing company, Petro was able to offer relief aid to victims of Hurricane Sandy. Petro has a strong competitive advantage. They offer service around the clock regardless of the weather conditions while other companies offer a limited availability and are not willing to come out to provide service in cases when customers need them the most, in bad weather. Petro also boasts an extremely large staff of highly trained technicians…
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