Marketing Analysis : Petro Oil Company

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Overview Petro Oil Company is known as a reliable oil provider for consumers that is delivered in a timely manner. However, before any products or services are produced products have to meet the requirements of the company objectives which include satisfying the external economic environment. Petro Inc. deliverables are a major source for countless customers and suppliers. Petro Inc. is a powerful heating and air conditioning company that has been in existence since 1903. The company has built its reputation on the invention of the oil burner in California, along with the conversion from coal burning systems to oil burning systems. Petro oil was named Fess System Company and offers many customers/consumers a wide verity of services. For…show more content…
The company also has a large inventory of oil to deliver to its customers. This is a strong advantage over their competitors who sometimes are unable to fill their orders. Moreover, Petro Company offers flexible schedules for turn-up versus other companies. Petro has a strong history of over 100 years of service. They have proven their adaptability to an ever changing external environment, with twenty-six locations spanning across the east coast of the United States. Petro oil is the largest local home heating oil company with comprehensive home services. Petro uses heating oil that is biodegradable and is 95% cleaner, and energy efficient. This benefits all of their consumers by saving them money along with flexible pricing and payment plans. Organizational Issues of Petro The major issue holding Petro back is the unreliability of their delivery of products. These products and services need to get to the customers at the time they are expected. Therefore, we are looking to implement an automatic reorder process”. This is a service that would allow customers to automatically renew their contract when their oil is delivered without having to call to reorder. Issues between the difference of the automatic renewal contract and having to call for an oil delivery includes missing work and waiting etc. The two major deliverables of petro are in areas such as the project management plan. Which includes the important information on how the
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