Marketing Analysis : Pinterest Is A Free, Online Bulletin Board

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Introduction: Pinterest is a free, online bulletin board, facilitated by users to share their favorite images that launched in 2010. Since its launch the site grew to the #3 social media site, behind Facebook and Twitter. Pinterest is a well-rounded product that allows marketers to promote their products, companies the ability to post images of their products and link them back to the company website serving as a virtual store catalog, and users to collaborate and share interests. 1. SWOT Analysis: Strengths: The founders have Pinterest recognize market trends and find ways to grow them well. For example, with the launch of the Tote app they saw a desire in consumers for a platform to share interests. Pinterest also has a team with Founders familiar to the social networking industry. On boarding Evan Sharp from Facebook as a designer will help their efforts to remain on a contemporary platform. In addition to users, the design of Pinterest is also attractive to businesses. Companies have the ability to create easy shopping by allowing users to click photos on Pinterest and go directly to purchasing pages on their website. Pinterest also attracts businesses that want to see what their customers are interested in through the following feature. Weaknesses: Given the launch of Pinterest only 5 years ago, their internal capacity may not be one strong enough to sustain their spot as number 3 for social networking sites. Pinterest was also created for a very specific

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