Marketing Analysis : Qdoba Mexican Eats

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Competitor Analysis
Direct competitors:

Qdoba Mexican Eats
Qdoba, second-largest Mexican fast-casual chain in the U.S, was founded in the same location (Denver, U.S) but 2 years later than Chipotle (1995). In 2003, Jack in the Box acquired Qdoba from the owner of a private firm.
In order to distinguish itself from competitors, especially Qdoba doesn’t want to be “me-too Chipotle”, Qdoba redesigned everything includes in-store layout, new branding, and personalized service. For example, Qdoba has colorful and artistic design on the wall, seating and washroom, which creates strong visual effect of Mexican culture and makes customer feel casual and happy. As we know, Chipotle is the King of burrito, however Qdoba choose to promote variety tacos to develop it’s competitive advantage. Qdoba launched a set of six Knockout tacos on October 27th, 2015, which enriched Qdoba’s menu items and provided more options for customers. Also, Qdoba’s employees with new designed uniforms are encouraged to speak their recommendations and provide more human touch services not machine-like assembly line. “The worst thing you could hear is as server who says everything’s good.” said John Cooke, VP, menu strategy and innovation at Qdoba. Furthermore, Qdoba introduced a kid’s menu and has 24 open hours for some locations to satisfy more customer needs.
Qdoba, as the biggest franchise player in “fast-casual” category, has more risk to lose it’s brand reputation and harder…
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