Marketing Analysis : Rufus & Coco

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I. SITUATION ANALYSIS Rufus & Coco is a trustworthy and contain high reputation company with reliable pet products. However, the company is lack of marketing research and consumers are complaining poor sales location. Also, increasing rapidly in sales cause shortage of raw materials to produce sufficient amount of products. As increasing productions require a significant amount of workers, raw materials and transport costs. Experiencing inefficiency productivity and resources allocation could be the major risk to the brand, which may cause loss of loyal customers, and therefore affects company reputation. Moreover, competitors are likely to have larger market place, trying to supply more differentiated products to improve net income and…show more content…
Marketers believe that it is a great opportunity for product Wee Kitty Clumping Corn Litter to enlarge the market place by using Green marketing also targeting consumers in time-poor society. II. MARKETING GOAL The company will be able to increase 50% more profit and accomplish 80% of Wee Kitty Clumping Corn Litter users by the end of 2015. III. MARKETING STRATEGY III. i. Target Customers Wee Kitty Clumping Corn Litter contains unique characteristics and the company has high reputation. The firm is targeting on consumers who are likely to protect environment and consumers from time-poor society. Thereby, marketer focuses on benefit segmentation groups consumers, which would be able to gain benefits derive from the product and satisfy their needs and wants (Dhruv, 2015, p. 174). To strengthen the segment more reachable, advertisements are the great tool to persuade and communicate with customers by providing some primary information such as sales location and the unique characteristics. Furthermore, to obtain younger customers and consumers in time-poor society such as USA, the company should strengthen online purchase. Dhall (2014) mentions that 55% of online shoppers are from 18 to 25 age groups. Also it is a great opportunity for consumers in the time-poor society that prefer online shopping. On the other words, offers express delivery service from online shopping to assist consumers in time-poor
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