Marketing Analysis : Sports Marketing Essay

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Executive summary
Sports marketing are one of the most vital uses in the field of marketing nowadays. Many companies have a trend to use sports and sports celebrity in developing their marketing campaign because they have the ability to influence others and they already are role models for a wide share of consumers in the marketplace. So, companies benefit from their popularity and reputation for its brand awareness. Especially some companies in the food and beverages industry which are concentrated on the marketing campaign and make a huge number of expenditure and its budget. Pepsi have many product lines, it introduces a product line for soda which includes many versions such as Pepsi, Mirnda, Seven Up, and other version of Mirinda like Orange and Apple. The second product line is related to the juice. The third category is related to Aquafina mineral water. There are width of every line and versions for every product.

List of contents
Executive summary page 2
Introduction page 4
Case study page 5
The target customer page 6
The unique selling proposition page 6
Sport marketing mix page 8
Pricing strategy page 10
Distribution strategy page 10
Promotion strategy page 10
Product strategy page 11
Conclusion page 12
References page 13

Pepsi usually use the sports to market its products. The marketing campaign for Pepsi mainly depends on the sports
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