Marketing Analysis : Sunflower Bakery Coffee Essay

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BSBMKG401 Profile the market
Sunflower Bakery Coffee is an establishment within Australia starts and bakery retailer in Australia has been sent to every state. Our goal is to catch the attention of a loyal customer base for products with a variety of coffee and desserts. The company is planning to build a strong market position in the city because of their experience in various industry partners and because the climate where competition is intense in many areas.
Situation Analysis
Sunflower is a bakery and coffee shop is managed by two partners instead of selling and administrative and financial management of commercial space, respectively. Participating partners will fund from its own financial savings which will cover these costs, start-up financing and provide clues for the first month of the trade. Nine-year Small Business Administration loan to cover the rest of the financing. The company also plans to build a new market with a strong position in the city 's past experience in the industry alliance. The climate is mild in the competition area.
Market Summary
Sunflower focusing on the meeting of demand of a regular local resident customer’s base, as well as an important level of other tourist traffic from nearby highways.
Local Residents
Sunflower plans to build a large customer base are increasing. This creates the healthy revenue base that consistently, to have confidence in the stability of the business.

The visiting sights currently comprise
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