Marketing Analysis : Target Audience

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Target Audience TrakDot’s target audience are business professionals and/or those who travel or vacation frequently. In any case, these individuals have common traits that can be used to more easily identify the target market. The individuals that we intend to target are between the ages of 30 to 60 years of age since that represents the working class, these individuals that we are looking to target will also be middle to high income earners. According to, there are 488 million business trips annually and the average business person flies about 12 times per year (one way). There is no reason to segment between gender, because women and men travel at about the same rate. AARP has noted that the largest demographic, that…show more content…
These ads could use slogans, such as “Purchase your TrakDot at or at any departure wing of any major airport.” This will serve to create brand and product awareness. Although they will tell the customer where to purchase the product, the ad will be very clear and concise about what the product does and the problem it solves. The ads will use both rational and emotional appeals. Rational appeals will accurately describe the functionality and benefits of the product using four main attributes: features, peace-of-mind, security and convenience. In addition, we plan to use ads that evoke an emotional response using slogans such as “Make sure you track me, so we don’t get separated”, which will serve to form a connection between the user and TrakDot. Why Magazines? According to the 2014 roger’s media report on Maclean’s Magazine, it was revealed that their average reader is 48 years old, 16 percent of their readers took at least 7 vacations throughout the year, the average household income was $95,677, and the magazine has a reach that spreads across Canada. Maclean 's magazine and others like it offer the exact target audience TrakDot hopes to attract According to Echo Media, SkyMall’s biggest advantage is that the average person spends 15 to 20 minutes reading the magazine. Furthermore, airlines ask passengers to turn off cell phones and
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