Marketing Analysis : The Beverage Industry

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The beverage industry usually refers to the production of drinking products, and can vary depending on the ingredients and process each beverage has. The main characters in this industry are the water, coffee, energy drinks, dairy alternatives, juices, tea, wine & spirits, sports & protein drinks, beer and CSD´S.
The beverage industry magazine says that when it comes to the soda segment, more consumers are spending their dollars on imported and craft root beers, opening a big market niche to different companies who offer this kind of products, having in mind the increase of a cultural movement trend in american society where more and more people look for products that offer different experiences in flavors and tastes beyond traditional soft drinks. (Beverage Industry, 2015)
Bucksnort Beverage Company was founded in 2009 by Kainoa López as a tradition that remains in his family since the late 1800 's when in Haleiwa, Hawaii his great-grandfather started the production of “homemade” sodas in their family barn´s property, selling these fresh fruit concoctions to the plantation workers at lunchtime. That company was known as Waialua Soda Works, and it 's a company which still makes sodas and distribute them all over the US.
Bucksnort’s mission is to “brew sodas like they did a hundred years ago while connecting the generations to a favorite American pastime,” made with 100% pure cane sugar, and the freshest and finest ingredients available to offer the best…

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