Marketing Analysis : The Hershey Company

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Corporate sponsorships have been proved effective over and over again in the recent times. Especially, when both the sponsor and the organization which is sponsored are in-line with their mission then it has always been a win-win situation. On October 2015, The Hershey Company signed a 5 year sponsorship deal with United States Olympic Committee, which made the famous chocolate company an official sponsor for 2016 Rio Olympics and Paralympics games through 2020 Tokyo Olympic Games. Though USCO receives top sponsorships from various companies, its association with Hershey Company and its brand Hershey’s has interested so many sections of people in USA to turn their heads towards sports.

As the Hershey Company vision states “Spreading goodness in all the right direction”, the company is exactly moving in right direction by sharing its sweetest moments and its culture with the Olympic and Paralympic athletes. USOC is also proud to partner with the great American company and its iconic brands. “We know that Hershey’s will demonstrate its support of America’s elite Olympic and Paralympic athletes in exciting and innovative ways, and we sincerely look forward to celebrating with them on the Road to Rio and beyond,” said Chief Marketing Officer, Lisa Baird. This is similar to that of the mission statement of the USOC and it acknowledges that USCO expecting the same kind of support from The Hershey Company as well. Both the Hershey’s and USOC’s mission and vision are in-line with…
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