Marketing Analysis : The Marketing Industry, The Target Market, And What The Competitors Offer

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Introduction Per your request, this competitor analysis report will inform you on the overview of the industry, the target market, and what the competitors offer in comparison. The industry overview provides a brief but detailed summary about the industry. The target market summarizes what types of consumers are identified as potential patients. The information about the local and nationwide competitors will provide an understanding of the sustainable advantages our company has over its competitors. Integrative Touch for Kids (ITK) is a nonprofit organization and its goal is to aid children through their major programs like the Healing Retreat, and Hospital Heroes. As consultants, it is critical to utilize this research in order to better understand ITK’s core values in order to act accordingly. Industry Overview This nonprofit company can be classified in many different industries. According to IBIS World, ITK can be categorized in the Children’s Specialty Hospitals. However, I believe ITK belongs in the Health Support Services industry. This is a highly competitive field because it is a continuing trend that these organizations want to improve society’s health. Just this past year (2015), the revenue for this industry totaled to 13 billion. This is a 13% increase from the year 2010. This shows that this industry is growing at a fast rate and that ITK can capture market share away from its competitors. The local competitors include Beads of Courage Inc., Intermountain
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