Marketing Analysis : The Soap Market

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INTERNET MARKETING (TASK 3-4) Image Task 3 When someone starts a new business or expands existing business, there is need for market research to make stronger and better decisions and improve chances of success. There are two type of research; secondary market research and primary market research. 3.1 Conduct secondary market research The soap market in United Kingdom has been protected from the worst recession cutbacks but unfortunately the situation is not appreciable too. The Soap manufacturers follow continuous trend of reformulating the formulas and many eco ethical products have been introduced. According to the International Association for Soaps, Detergents and Maintenance Products (AISE), innovation is an instrumental factor to drive the success for the industry. Another factor remains advertising. Soap multinationals expend hugely on advertising for example Unilever is the world number one company in terms of advertising expenditure. To illustrate a range of products have been grouped by them under one name The Palmolive botanicals to promote higher visibility and loyalty. Through online research it is identified that the top soaps preferred by English people like Dove, Olay, Dial, Carees etc. However 8 out of ten British prefer to use liquid cleansers. Due to the current scenario of recession people believe in buying products that are on special offers. While on other end some customers prefer green issues. Surprisingly, only 2%

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