Marketing Analysis : The Specialty Coffee Industry

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Industry Analysis

The focus of the retail segment of the specialty coffee industry is to obtain, roast and blend the right mix of coffee, while providing consumers a pleasant and unique experience. Some retailers strive to offer a coffee on the go model, such as McDonald’s, Dunkin Donuts and most convenient stores. While other coffee retailers, such as Starbucks or Coffee Beanery, offer a more pleasant and relaxed ambience, where customers can not only enjoy a cup of coffee, but enjoy the establishment. According to the Chicago-based market retailers report, consumers have educated themselves more about coffee beans, concluding that the specialty coffee industry is no longer a fast-buck industry and the only way to succeed is to do it properly and focus on quality. The specialty coffee industry faces high competition in the U.S with the two major players accounting for 67.90% of the U.S market. Starbucks Corporation market share in the U.S is 42.4% and Dunkin’ Brands 25.5% (IBISWorld, 2014).
Market Share of Major Players in the US Coffee & Snack Shops Industry

Note. From IBISWorld Industry Report 72221b Coffee & Snack Shops in the US, 2014. Retrieved from Top brands of the retail specialty coffee industry have felt the pressure to be more innovative and to take leadership in their markets; therefore, they have expanded their services to not just provide coffee at their

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