Marketing Analysis : U.s. Capita Coffee Essay

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Unit III Research Project (Starbucks)
Angelo R. Jones
BBA 3201-Priciples of Marketing
Columbia Southern University

Industry Analysis. Study shows that U.S. per capita coffee consumption has not really varied in over 15 years. Although the consumer has since evolved from regular brewed coffee to a more sophisticated gourmet brew, the overall intake for coffee has relatively remained the same based on the Gallup polls. (Brown, 2015) The Starbucks Company has managed to change the pallet of the consumer by the type of coffee they distribute. Companies like Dairy Queen, McDonalds, and Dunkin Donuts have had a complete coffee menu makeover in hopes to keep pace and their customer base. (Cowan, 2014) (Company Profile, 2015) Since 2003 there has been a noted growth of coffee import to the United States (U.S.), regions such as New York, Miami, New Orleans, Houston, and San Francisco have become major ports on handling imported coffee. The United States have increased their secondary countries in Latin and Central America in order to meet the demands of coffee beans here in the U.S. (Plume, 2003) There is some instability with some coffee companies, Kona demands are at such a high demand that they do not have enough inspectors to certify the brand. Hawaiian Kona growers are feeling the pressure on them to produce more yet they do not have the personnel available to certify. On the other end of the spectrum Green Mountain coffee suffered a 48 percent fall in the
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