Marketing Analysis Using Bcg And Ansoff Matrices

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Marketing Analysis Using BCG and Ansoff Matrices Name Institution Marketing Analysis Using BCG and Ansoff Matrices Introduction BCG matrix is also referred to as growth share matrix, Boston matrix, portfolio diagram or product portfolio. BCG matrix is a graph created by Bruce D. Henderson to help corporations analyze their business units and their product lines being created for Boston Consultation Group. The matrix help in the group allocation of resources and is also used as an analytical tool in the product management, brand marketing, strategic management and the portfolio analysis. Market performance analysis by the firms using its principles has called for the matrix usefulness into the question. For the use of the matrix, one plots the scatter graph so as to rank the business units and products on the market share basis and the growth rates. The matrix uses several tools in the analysis process, and these are cash cows, dogs, question marks and stars. In the cash cow tool, a company is analyzed to have a big market share in a slow-growing industry. The unit typically generates excess cash in the amount needed for the business maintenance. They are regarded as boring and staid in a mature market yet many corporations always value owning them because of their cash generations. They are milked continuously with the least investment available since the investment is the waste in the low industrial growth. The dogs are more charitably referred to as pets.

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