Marketing Analysis : Victoria's Secret Products

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Moreover, the company does great deals and promotions, with the idea that the more you shop, the more coupons you get. They also create loyalty with their store credit cards and the exclusive coupons and deals specifically meant for those who have an Angel’s credit card (Rhodes, 2002). It is a major driving factor for customers who are always looking for the deals and discount and don’t wish to pay for the high prices and a way to creating a relationship with customers through the credit card. In addition to being beautiful and sexy, Victoria’s Secret items are quality worth products. Women are shopping for something that will last and performs, if well taken care, and though the prices are steep, Victoria’s Secret products are built with the best material that is meant to last (Farfan, 2015). Victoria’s Secret emphasizes on the technique for selling called personal selling. The sellers promote the product through their attitude, appearance and specialist product knowledge (Robles, S., personal communication, February 25, 2016). It is a promotional method in which the associate uses skills and techniques for building personal relationship with the customer, which results in both parties obtaining value. In order to apply this technique effectively it is necessary for a company to focus on the practical application of sales techniques. The PINK associates are given a 50% discount every quarter to purchase the latest PINK clothing and expect them to wear them in order to

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