Marketing Analysis : Video Game Industry Essay

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Like every other industry I believe the brand name is a pivotal component in the success of a company to sell products. The brand name speaks to the quality of the products, the consistency in the identity of the brand, the distribution intensity and the values of the brand. The brand name is what differentiates one product from another. A quality brand name also determines the price a product can be sold at. Although, Sony wasn’t previously known for being a powerhouse in the video game industry they have built their brand in the video game industry as one of the most successful innovative companies. In 1995, when Sony launched their PlayStation console it was one of the first to offer a thirty-two bit three dimension graphic. By 2005 it was the highest selling video console of all time. The PlayStation was followed by the PlayStation 2 which was created in 2000. The PlayStation 2 offered customers newly developed games, advanced graphical and processing capabilities as well as a built in DVD drive. By 2007 the PlayStation 2 surpassed the original PlayStation console as the bestselling video game console of all time. Today, Sony is one of the powers in the video game industry and one of the companies with the strongest brand name. Many customers within the video game industry identify Sony with feelings of trust, confidence and quality. For that reason Sony is able to sell the PlayStation at a higher than average price because they have established their brand name. The
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