Marketing Analysis : Yum ! Brands Inc.

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Introduction and Industry/Strategy Analysis
Yum! Brands Inc. is the world’s largest restaurant company. From the worldwide it is has more than 37,000 restaurant units in 110 countries and regions based in Louisville, Kentucky. “In 2009, the company pulled in almost $11 billion in revenue. The brands owned by Yum! Brands Inc. are KFC, Pizza Hut and Taco Bell.” These four brands are global leaders in the categories of chicken, pizza, and Mexican-style food. “Also Yum! Brands have three divisions: the U.S. Division, the International Division, and the China Division.”(From Strategy Report for Yum! Brands)
Because industry analysis can let people get the general ideal of how the industry works, who are their competitors or new
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Moreover, according to Jessica Oman, a professional writer, editor and business consultant with a background in public education, she said, “Business owners must understand the industries in which they operate to ensure continued success. The financial health of a business is usually a reflection of the health of the industry; therefore, by conducting an industry analysis, business owners can create a strategy that 's more likely to help the business grow and succeed” ( It can be seen that a well business analysis is an important part for a completed financial statement analysis. In addition, a company’s strategy also influences the financial analysis and forecasting process. Currently, corporate strategy is concerned with reach, competitive contact, managing activities, interrelationships and management practices. The important concepts of company strategy such as cost cutting, if a company does not have a good plan for competitive efficiency, it may lag behind other companies with stronger financial planning designed to maximize profit. And financial analysis is a process of evaluating business operation, projects, budgets and other financial activities. Furthermore, financial analysis is always used to analyze whether a company is stable, and profitable enough to be invested in for investors. Typically, company’s strategy always affects financial statements such as balance sheets, income statements, cash-flow reports and
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