Marketing Analysis for Meantime Brewery

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MARK1161: Marketing Practice

Sherif Saad

Beer is an alcoholic beverage that is considered the most widely used alcoholic beverage worldwide. Production and distribution of beer is not an easy task. As for the UK industry, it has four large organizations that enjoy an oligopoly with 85% of the market volume. The Meantime Brewery has to identify the most suitable and profitable ways to hit the market. The report analyses the market’s situation using the
Four P’s, SWOT Analysis, Segmentation, Targeting and Positioning of the Meantime
Brewery, then finally analyse the industry through Porter’s Five Forces. (Dinkhoff,

Beer Sales 13.7%


15.4% 19.4%
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The places where Meantime sells it’s products are convenient and appropriate, customers can find their products in: v Retail chains such as Sainsbury’s, Waitrose, Marks and Spencer. v On trade establishments (B2B) v Website v Self owned pubs
The location of Meantime next to Cutty sark and Greenwich University is an immense advantage, it’s in the right place for customers to recognize, their products are available at the right time with quality for tourists, students, locals and workers to experience an incredible experience during their break. However, some retail shops


do not stock their products. As a result, it is unavailable for many consumers, which can be an unnecessarily loss/lost profit.
Promotion is a method/tactic from the company to show the customers what it can offer customers through a consistent message; this message has to be appealing in order to offer the customer a worthy reason to buy their product.
Londoners Campaign
Meantime launched their first above the line campaign on the 6th of June 2012 that was called Londoners in evening and time out standard, different creative white and black portrayed shots were applied to several pictures with one word “Londoner”, the reason for calling it so it reflects those who travelled to the city and chose London as their home, as it illustrates/conveys/displays Meantime’s passion for

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