Marketing Analysis for the Sonic 1000 Pda

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Marketing Analysis for the Sonic 1000 PDA

Liberty University
Strategic Marketing Management – BUSI 520-B06
July 4, 2010

Introduction Years of research and development, along with millions of shareholder dollars, have been invested in the latest technological breakthrough from Sonic. The next step for any new product on the concept-to-consumer road is the development of a marketing analysis. The following pages will provide evidence of countless hours of research the marketing team has compiled in an effort to provide the best answers to questions that will prove vital in the marketing and sales of the Sonic 1000.
Contained in this analysis is a recommendation as to the content and structure of Sonic’s mission statement,
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As the company prepares for the release of the product, it will need a centerpiece upon which all members of the company, whether chief financial officer or sanitation technician, can turn to for a constant reminder of the reason they strive to produce a quality of work that will make Sonic known throughout the industry as a market leader. The mission statement for Sonic will address the customer as well as the associate while creating for them both a sense of excitement about their partnership with the company.
“Our mission statement is simple: to partner with you and your business as an asset that provides quality, reliable products rather than a liability that creates headaches, tension and division. We pledge to focus on the smallest of details on our end so that we can provide to you a product and service that will allow you to focus on your own smallest of details.”
Section 2: Competitive Strategy It is the firm belief of this analysis team that the most effective competitive strategy for Sonic to pursue in the release of its Sonic 1000 is a focus-oriented strategy. Textbook author Kevin Keller describes the strategy as one wherein “the business focuses on one or more narrow market segments” (Kotler & Keller, 2009). In the use of a focus strategy, “the firm gets to know these segments intimately and pursues either cost leadership or differentiation

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