Marketing Analysis of Nokia Mobile

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I, MANOJ Roll NO 23 of class MBA II SEM of VAISH COLLEGE OF ENGINEERING, ROHTAK here by declare the project entitled “MARKET ANALYSIS OF NOKIA MOBILE IN ROHTAK CITY” is an original work and same has not been submitted to any other
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Gradually, the ownership of these two companies and nokia began to shift Into hands of just a few owners.finally in 1967 the three companies were Merged to form Nokia Corporation. At the beginning of the 1980s,Nokia strengthened its position in the tele-
Communications and consumer electronics market through the acquisitions Of mobira, salora, televa and luxor of Sweden. In 1987, nokia acquired the Consumer electronics operations and part of the component business of the German standard elektrik Lorenz,as well as the French consumer electronics Company oceanic.In 1987,Nokia also purchased the swiss cable machinery
Company maillefer In the late 1980s,nokia became the largest Scandinavian information company Thorugh the acquisition of Ericsson’s data systems division. In 1989, nokia Conducted a significant expansion of its cable industry into continental Euorpe by acquiring the dutch cable company Since the beginning of the 1990’s,Nokia has concentrated on its core business, Telecommunications,by divesting its information technology and basic Industry operations.

It took a technological breakthrough and a change in the political climate to Create the wire-fire world are increasingly demanding today.The technology Was the digital standard, GSM which could carry data in addition to high Quality voice. In 1987 the political goal was set to adopt GSM throughout on July
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