Marketing Analysis of Starbucks

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Marketing Proper implementation and execution of a strategic marketing plan is essential to the success of any company. A company may have an ideal product, but without proper positioning, identification of a target market, and a proper marketing plan a company would not be able to successfully market its products to consumers. Starbucks has been successfully able to convert an activity carried out at home to a commercial success through proper implementation and execution of its strategic intent. The firm has been able to convince consumers that its stores provide more than just coffee, but rather a rich experience that they should indulge in on a recurring basis. The company has been able to translate this consumer "experience" of…show more content…
The price should be reflective of an exclusive product of high quality. Although we do recommend that Starbucks create greater value by packaging brewed coffee products and fresh baked goods and sandwiches. In our attempt to analyze the issue of place, we recommend that Starbucks focuses on exclusivity. By this, we mean in order to establish yourself as premium, and different, you must reduce the accessibility of the product and service. This would require Starbucks to reduce the number of stores that it has in operation. The practice of having multiple stores existing in a 1-mile radius must be cease. The strategy of rapid expansion can no longer continue at this point. We recommend that stores in high volume and business districts be redesigned. These new designs should incorporate a comfortable feel for the customer and encourage large gatherings. In the targeted areas, the new store should be able to accommodate a small conference of up to 15 people. Ultimately, what you want Starbucks to do is be able to host gatherings for business meetings, college student groups, book signings, etc. In this case in Uruguay there is no Starbucks, so the company can start be redesigning their manner of organizing and placing stores. The final area of our recommended strategy changes would apply to promotion. To differentiate themselves from the competitor, Starbucks must conduct more aggressive promoting. Customers can be rewarded with free cups of
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