Marketing Analysis on Garnier Fructis Shampoo (Entered in Turnitin)

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1.0 Situation Analysis/Current Marketing Mix
1.1 Current Product

The Garnier Fructis fortifying cream shampoo colour last is one of a large assortment of shampoos on the market. In the midst of such a large range of competitors, Garnier has taken steps to make their product stand out. The product is distinctively designed with a dark red bottle, combined with a dark green cap and label. The opening cap is small and rounded and differs to the usual large opening cap of most shampoos. The general theme amongst shampoos is very bright bold colours so this products darker colours does differentiate the product.
Consumers purchasing this product need cleaner hair and a product that will prolong their highlights or completely dyed hair. The
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As Garnier has positioned their product towards the top of the market they have had to ensure the perceived value that their product offers is greater than cheaper alternatives. Average weekly product sales figures listed on the shelf product pricing ticket at Coles Karawara indicate 935 are sold weekly, which compares to 754 for Pantene’s colour shampoo and 832 for the budget natures fruits shampoo. These figures suggest that Garnier has positioned their product well and consumers are influenced by the product image and quality when deciding to purchase this product.
In pricing its products Garnier must consider its business costs; however the cost of making the product varies little between manufacturers. Experts say most shampoos...contain the same basic ingredients: water, cleansing agents, foaming agents and a few preservatives (Shampoo: Full Report, 2010) and thus the difference in price between Garnier and other brands must be driven by other costs such as marketing. Garnier does market there products quite extensively on TV, in magazines and through various other marketing mediums. Therefore Garnier’s product is higher up the scales on price due to greater advertising costs.   1.3 Current Distribution

In deciding on the distribution of its product Garnier will first have looked at the type of product Fructis

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