Marketing And A Review Of Digital Programs

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An Overview of Marketing and a Review of Digital Programs Marketing is a concept that is fairly recent in origins. For the longest time, all it took for a company to succeed was to create a product that was superior to others and consumers would flock to make purchases. Eventually, due to the standardization of quality products, companies sought to brand themselves as a way for consumers to differentiate them from other companies. It no longer was good enough just to make a quality product, you had to convince the consumer that not only was your product better, but so was the company. In the 21st century, we have seen an explosion of marketing outlets, thanks to all the different forums and venues in which consumers migrate. Additionally, a deep and complex science of understanding the consumer and markets has come to fruition, in hopes of maximizing profits and outpacing competitors. History of Marketing The discipline of brand management, or marketing as we know it today, was created in the 1950s, when consumer packaged goods companies observed that the quality levels of products being offered by companies around them was improving. This gave way to a new position within companies called the brand manager. In essence, a brand manager "would be responsible for giving a product an identity that distinguished it from nearly indistinguishable competitors" (Arons, 2011). Brand managers had tough jobs with their tasks of assisting parent-companies ' goals to stay ahead of
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