Marketing And Brand Positioning Of A Mixed Martial Arts ( Mma ) Star Essay

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This article is about Reebok hoping to take advantage of the Mixed Martial Arts (MMA) star, Ronda Rousey 's domination in the Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC) to revive its struggling business by securing a partnership with her. The main issues that will be analysed are concentrated marketing and brand positioning.
Concentrated Marketing
Targeting is a crucial skill for any marketer. They are told that in order to achieve effective marketing, one has to identify a target market and build loyalty with the consumers from the targeted market such that your brand is preferred over the competitors (Romaniuk, 2012).
Concentrated marketing is a firm targeting a huge share of one or a few smaller segments instead of a small share in a large market. This way, a firm builds stronger market position by focusing on the consumers it can serve best. However, concentrated marketing have its limitations. Company depending on one or a few segments for all its business tends to suffer if the niche segment turns sour (Kotler et al, 2013).
An example, Whole Foods Market concentrated its efforts on natural and organic foods and became one of the top retailers of natural and organic foods (Forbes, 2015). However, as the organic food niche become mainstream, Whole Foods Market start to suffer as a whole with the major increased in competition and dwindling growth (Bond, 2014).
In this case, Reebok shift its targeted consumer towards the swift growing “tough fitness” category

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