Marketing And Communication Strategies Of Sidearm Sports

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MARKETING AND COMMUNICATION Introduction A strong marketing and communication plan provides IACR the opportunity to engage alumni, parents, staff, students, and friends of Javelina athletics. The ADDA will collaborate with the ICAR and OASG to execute the marketing and communication strategies. The communication and marketing pieces will focus on general mass communication and affinity driven alumni-athlete communication. The communication strategies will include: • Digital communication (email, web, and social media) • Print communication • Phone communication • Face-to-face meetings Software The IACR and OASG have made investments into SIDEARM Sports and NetCommunity to track and monitor the departments marketing and communication strategies. The ADDA will utilize the best resources provided by IACR and OASG to develop a comprehensive communication and marketing strategy that maximizes the departments’ resources. Founded in 1996, SIDEARM Sports has become the leading provider of collegiate athletics websites across the country. They currently provide website services to the entire Lone Star Conference and each university has their development information housed on their main athletic site. SIDEARM Sports provides IACR and OASG with a professional website platform that is customizable to our needs and also allows all athletics information to be accessible through one website. IACR signed a five year contract in April 2014 with SIDEARM Sports. Blackbaud NetCommunity is one

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