Marketing And Consumer 's Purchase Behavior

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In order to understand the minds of consumers, marketers need to have knowledge of the psychological aspects of how it works. Having this understanding, along with the five stages of the consumers buying process, will assist marketers on how they can influence a consumer’s purchase behavior. Employing the strategies of the four P’s of marketing can be bonuses that will help companies gain an advantage within the marketplace.
Using different types of stimuli, a marketer can attempt to make you more perceptive to their products whether you need them or not. There are so many types of strategies of marketing and consumers are bombarded advertising from all angles. With their demanding and busy lifestyles, there is no way of getting away from receiving the information through advertising channels. What seems to be the most apparent is that with all the information out there, it is impossible to get it out of your brain.
Marketing has a goal of reaching consumers in order have an influence on their purchasing decisions. According to Barone, Miyazaki & Taylor, “the influence on choice depends on the motivation brought on by the company” (2000). If you were to take a look around you, companies have been using different tactics to persuade the way that consumers view and choose products.
In the past, the use of the 4P’s of marketing has been used to enhance the way that consumers made their purchasing decision by creating a product that a certain group of people would be

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