Marketing And Customer Value And Marketing

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The purposes of this essay are to emphasis on the importance of marketing to company, explanation of the concept of customer value and how the connection of customer value and marketing is adopt by the company. In particular this essay will focus on the example of the new Fitbit Alta, an activity tracker wristband than released in March 2016. The discussion of the concept of marketing and customer value will contain discussions in relation to the presumption that marketing is an ongoing process of facilitating information and resources to create value for customer and the organization in conjunction with the fundamentality of the use of customer value to assist in the marketing of the Fitbit Alta. Society as a whole is undeniably associates with marketing. Kotler(1983) suggested that marketing impacts variation of individuals in difference aspects including all the citizens. For instance, the consumer with an unlimited need, want and demand that need to be fulfilled, reflects in the consumer behaviour study. Seller which applies to the market researches marketing strategies to obtain the highest outcome possible. The citizens could affect directly and indirectly as responsible for being part of the market through the changes of factors such as prices and demand. In consequence marketing is a way for the company to enhance their engagement with the external environment through the relationship of the market.The different aspect of the importance
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