Marketing And Management Concepts, Gmba531 Essay

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MARKETING AND MANAGEMENT CONCEPTS, GMBA531 OA MARKETING EXERCISE - 2 SUBMITTED BY: NAGINENI SRIHARI ID: 306746301 DUE DATE: 09/20/2016. MARKETING: Marketing plays a key role in today’s business activities which direct the flow of goods and services from the producer. Marketing is also involving the consumer wants and desires. If we have to start analyzing the market flow, we should understand the notion of product and consumer. Market producers should understand the consumer needs and desires and they must analyze before developing a product. Marketing mainly refers many steps like pricing strategies to produce according to the consumer needs and exchanges with the target market. The four P’s according to marketing are • Product • Price • Promotion • Place These are the four P’s which we call it as “THE MARKETING MIX” BUSINESS MARKETING: Business promoting may be the act from claiming people or associations (i. E., business businesses, governments, what’s more institutions) pushing What 's more offering results or benefits with different associations. These associations exchange alternately use these items Furthermore administrations will be backing their operations. Organizations that go about as suppliers or Makers might additionally coordinate other business results under their item putting forth to move forward execution Also purpose. Dissimilar to a consumer, who makes a buy in light of as much alternately her unique

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