Marketing And Managing An App

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The world of phone applications is expanding at a rapid rate every day. Apps are now becoming more and more important in everyday life and they are also becoming more and more valuable. With new horizons being reached and new innovations being released it’s important for computing students to try and tap into the world of apps and mobile technology. Each D.I.M.E (Digital, Innovation, Management and Enterprise) group was tasked with coming up with an app idea as a group project.
This project involved creating, marketing and managing an app idea which could be developed for the consumer. The goal was to show our lecturers that the idea concocted by each group could be made into a popular and useful app for a target market. This was
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In this group report group V will talk about the product, Siamsa, and the work that went into conceptualising it, designing the poster and developing and website including social media to support and market the app in a way that will give it the best possible chance of taking off. This group report will show what the thinking was behind coming up with Siamsa as a potentially successful application. What was the reasoning behind deciding to make our target market eighteen year olds to thirty year olds, especially people who go to the many colleges around Ireland. It will also reveal why group V decided to make the app Siamsa free for all. As more research was carried out on the idea it became clear that there is actually a market for Siamsa and with some smart marketing and exposure the future possibilities are endless for the app. For this purpose, the group report will focus on the steps that will be taken to make sure that Siamsa will be innovative and bring something new to the market, while at the same time showing that Siamsa is entirely feasible and could be built to a high standard.

After our group was formed our lecturer gave us different talks on topics like e-commerce and start-ups where it gave us an idea on how to start our group project on the right foot and give us the strongest chance
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